Maag Honored For Years of Service by AZ Tech Council

Al was honored with the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Judges Award for his body of work that spans more than two decades supporting the technology industry and our Az Tech Council programs,” said Steve Zylstra, president, CEO, Arizona Technology Council. “He made a significant influence while serving as Chief Communications Officer at Avnet, but more importantly, continues to inspired marketers nationwide leading the Business Marketing Association and now in his retirement, helping nonprofits with his boutique agency Maagcommplus. We’re grateful for his community service.

From hanging out in a gang to executive . . . lessons learned.

Social Media Isn’t Social By Al Maag, CEO Maagcommplus From hanging out in a gang to executive . . . lessons learned. Eight years ago, before retiring as chief communications officer of Avnet Inc., a $27 billion Phoenix-based technology distributor, I was asking fellow employees to begin using social media to share our company stories and […]

Interview with Al Maag, GHAZ Publisher

My guest on the show today is Al Maag. Al Maag is the worst example of a retired person. The chief communications officer of Avnet a $27 b tech distributor in 2013 is now running a nonprofit focused brand and communications agency in Tempe, AZ and has a marketing content site for nonprofits. He acts as CMO […]

Al Maag On WGN Radio speaking about Veteran Tickets Foundation (Vet Tix)

Al Maag, softball historian and author of Social Media Isn’t Social, stops by to talk about helping veterans get tickets to events.  Listen here

Al Maag’s Press Release makes it to Times Square in New York City.

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Is Social Media Getting In the Way of Face Time?

Our very own gyro Al Maag ft. his fourth article on Forbes today Is Social Media Getting In the Way of Face Time? We think so….. Tell us what you think! Check it out!

One of four features on Forbes:

How My Gang Of Friends Prepared Me For The C-Suite

For Better Or Worse: How Social Etiquette Has Changed

Social Skills From A Simpler Time


Al Maag Featured on AZ Central

Put down your phone, ex-technology exec urges

Six years ago, Tempe resident Al Maag was asking people to start using social media. Now, hes begging them to get off their phones.

The former chief communications officer of Avnet Inc., a phoenix-based technology distributor, has release a new book called “Social media isn’t social,” which talks about the need to balance life and the internet.

” you’d be a fool not to be using it,” he says of technology, but social- media connections can’t replace true connections with people.  Read More

A Toast to Al Maag

In the world of business journalism, a company’s corporate communications manager can be a barrier to the press or a gateway into the internal workings of an organization. One of the best in the business, Al Maag, is retiring from Avnet Inc. this month.

My first professional interaction with Al – then a PR person for Hamilton/Avnet – was as a newbie reporter on the electronics distribution beat for an electronics trade publication. One of Hamilton Electronics’ longtime executives had announced his retirement, signaling the end of an era defined by the now-legendary Tony Hamilton. Without really understanding the back-story of the Hamilton/Avnet merger, I naively called this executive for a comment.

I had set off a firestorm… Read More